Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coconuts Banned from Beaches in Rio...What the?

In preparation for the upcoming Olympics in 2014 & the 2012 Soccer Cup, it seems that Rio has taken to banning coconuts on its beaches. Why? you ask. Well, because, people who drink and eat coconuts tend to toss them in the sand and it creates a form of pollution or littering that Rio officials think looks ugly.
Now, while I agree that a pile of used coconuts is not a pretty site, I do think that they are attacking the wrong issue here. Coconuts could easily be replaced with soda cans, beer bottles, cigarette butts or water bottles. Are the leaders of Rio going to slowly ban anything that people can carry onto the beaches or should they look at the problem and perhaps ban littering?
I think conventional wisdom is such that is trash on the beach is a problem, then attack the issue 3 fold.
1. Offer trash receptacles so that people can toss trash appropriately.
2. Enforce the littering law with police or trash attendants aka like parking meter maids.
3. Post signs reminding people to dispose of their trash.

It is actually comical that lawmakers feel that banning coconuts is a solution to trash on the beach. I mean, what about banana peels? Haven't many a clumsy person slipped on one of these?

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