Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Fun

This was a different year for us at Halloween. The girls, now 15 & 16 still had the nervous excitement of the holiday, but without the young child glee. So, there was no trick-or-treating for the first time in 15 years.
Instead, they wore their costumes to school on Friday and then to the dance Friday night.
Finding costumes was a chore. As little kids, they decided on their Halloween costume sometime in June! Oh, I remember the excitement, the months of planning to be a cowgirl or a princess or Cleopatra.
This year, they decided a week before the dance. They had a hard time finding costumes, because most of the costumes geared towards women their size are risqué and tacky. I mean, come on, how many French maids, Naughty Nurses or slutty witches does on holiday need?
I was proud of my girls for wanting to dress up creatively and tastefully.
(You know, I have been blessed as this has never been a problem for us. They have always dressed with class and dignity. Take a look at other 15 & 16 year old girls and all you can think is that they are going to get a chest cold!)
So, Allie decided on a 1930's gangster -- I tried to think of an appropriate name for one, "Tiny" or "Big Al" but nothing took. Ash chose the Senorita, complete with mini sombrero and silk rose. They were adorable and had so much fun.
Then came the pumpkin carving...
And no small pumpkins would do for these kids. Ash's pumpkin weighed in at 39 pounds and Allie's was a whopping 44 pounds. I guess my mistake was answering their question of "how big a pumpkin are we allowed to get?" when I answered "As long as you can carry it, you can get it".
(Learn from this, Laurie & Dame, don't answer this question this way!)

Ash's inner nerd came out with her pumpkin choice. She made a Pumpkin Pi (from the math symbol for Pi - 3.14 the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle. She also threw in some other mathematical symbols (the "s" shaped symbol is an integral and the "i" is an irrational number. I call it her Pumpkin Pi and her Pumpkin I - she is not impressed.

Allie went with a more artistic theme of a dragon.
Both pumpkins look fantastic lit up! Great work.
Now I have to find a place to keep the huge pumpkins. Outside they would freeze and die.... Anyone know where I can put 84 pounds of pumpkin?

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