Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lunch at Douzo

Jon and I went on the "T" today, Boston's subway system. We found a great parking space at the hotel and parking elsewhere is a bit of a nightmare. Not only are the parking garages tight, dirty and dangerous, but they are so expensive. Depending on where you park it can run over $15 per hour!
So, when we got the parking spot in the hotel, we decided to try other methods of getting around. There is a "T" stop right outside our hotel, so we looked into the subway system.

I wanted to go to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Egyptian Tomb exhibit, and was thrilled to find a subway stop at the museum.

The museum was..... interesting.
Afterwards, we went to find a sushi restaurant that my friend Natasha suggested on Dartmouth Ave. Jon & I took another "T" stop to get there! By now, we were getting the hang of the subway system.
Douzo was a wonderful Japanese restaurant.

We had edamame with a spicy garlic sauce and sweet potato gnocchi with a spicy salmon topper.

Our main lunch, was 3 sushi rolls. The one on the left was a combination of mango, shrimp and cucumber and was unusual and delicous. The one in the center was a spicy mix of asparagus, jalapeno and seared tuna, the one on the left was avocado with salmon, tuna and roe.
They were all delicious.
Here is the Museum entrance...
And Jon in the subway!

Tonight we are taking the girls to dinner when classes end and then hopefully we will get a good night's sleep.

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