Sunday, November 22, 2009

More MIT Weekend

Here is a photo of our hotel, the renovated Firehouse. It is charming and I like it more and more as we spend time here.
MIT has countless statues, architectural pieces and lots of artwork around campus. I found this column that houses a flagpole to be exquisite.

Here is one of the "subtle" ornaments at the Cambridgeside Mall. It is giant!

Here is another giant ornament, but this is outside the Prudential Center. There are more of these giant ornaments in the courtyard, just casually placed there as if they rolled out a the ornament box.
This is my absolute favorite! Things at MIT are not like elsewhere. That is because people at technology centers think differently than the rest of us. It was not enough that this manhole cover be named "STEAM" to warn people. I find these type things to be very funny.

The girls had a great, if not tiring day yesterday. We walked them back to the hotel shortly after 10 pm and I think they finally went to bed around midnight. Today, Jon walked them to campus where they start another day, although they should be done by 7 pm, so it is an early night! Allie was bemoaning the fact that the weekend was almost over at breakfast!
Oh, to be young and full of energy!

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