Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tennis Tournament - Results

Friday was the first day of the tournament, the Upper Valley Open....
Allie played mixed doubles with her friend, Eric and Ash played mixed doubles with her friend Alex. (side note - Alex & Eric are brothers, twins to be precise, so the Mellen sisters played with the Jurado brothers).
Allie & Eric played against a team that was made up of one of their tennis teachers, Mary and her partner, Bagels. Allie & Eric lost, but it was a great match!
Ashley & Alex played a FANTASTIC match against a mother/son team and lost in such a close set 7-6, 7-6!
Jon & I were supposed to play a match, but 5 min before the match, our opponents withdrew...
So, Jon & I got the "bye" and advanced without playing.

Ash & Allie each played singles today and lost in tough matches.
They played in doubles together and lost that later on in the morning.

Jon, meanwhile, was off at the Seacoast playing his own tennis match. He played a great match and won!

Next up, Jon plays tomorrow and then, we both play on Wednesday...

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