Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekend Update!

So much is happening.... I feel energized and excited and the nerves are building. I have had a migraine headache since Saturday night, but luckily I am responding to the medicine and the pain is bearable.
But, that hasn't slowed me down....

Jon advanced in his singles match in the tournament and WON his singles match on Saturday. Since every tennis win is a good win, this is great news. It is the few wins that keep players hooked on tennis, so a win is very satisfying. Plus, I know how hard Jon works on his game, so I am so pleased to see that he is feeling good about himself.

Allie & Ash had a great, great set of classes in Boston yesterday. They met with a professor to discuss admissions and were given some great advice, that will serve them well at MIT or any other college they apply to. I am so proud to see them being independent and growing up. It seems like just yesterday I was pushing them on the swings or reading them a book. It is amazing how quickly children grow. Life truly is a journey... I am blessed to realize it.

I have been busy preparing for the holiday fair. I have also lucked out in that Ash has become my business manager. She took an inventory of all that I have done, all that I need to finish and then researched retail value of my things! How amazing is that! She has always had a knack for things like this, but I am still in awe to see how apparently easy it comes to her. She dove right in to my project and I am so lucky to have her help. I will try and get some pictures later today of my progress.

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