Monday, November 02, 2009

What The????

Image from the Concord Monitor online

This image is that of pure glee. It is a record man ecstatic because he.......made the world's largest meatball.
This man is the owner of Nonni's restaurant chain - Concord, Hillsboro & New London, NH. Here is the article in the Concord Monitor.

I can't decide what is more ridiculous, the fact that we reward someone for making a 225 pound ball of meat or that this is front page material? Honestly, the thought of someone considering a boulder of ground beef an achievement is just plain disgusting.

This record breaker didn't discover some medical mystery, didn't invent something that will help people and didn't do anything to promote nutrition or health. He didn't donate 225 pounds of food to a food pantry, he stuffed hundreds of pounds of cow flesh into a pile and cooked it. Ironically, this comes on the heels of another e-coli outbreak from ground beef last week.

What is next, earning a title for the largest serving of french fries covered in gravy?

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