Saturday, December 05, 2009

Albert Einstein

"There are two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle". A. Einstein.
This quote is notable, first because of the meaning and secondly, because it was stated by Albert Einstein. Yes, thee Albert Einstein.
Well, who was Albert Einstein, the man we hear about as famous and relates to science?

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. This in itself is remarkable, but come to find out that Einstein lived from 1879 - 1955.
He did the majority of his work, for which he is so famous, from 1900 - 1920.
He contributed many things to the world of science, many that are hard to believe he discovered and theorized 100 years ago!
He had many theories about relativity, cosmology, did work concerning planets, gravity and deflection of light. He theorized about molecular movement, photon theory, wave particle duality, zero-point energy concepts, quantum theories of monatomic gas.
He published more than 300 scientific and 150+ non-scientific works.
He is regarded as the father of modern physics.

He had a view of the problems of physics and was determined to solve them or get the solution started.
He regarded his achievements as mere stepping stones for the next advance.

He is frequently pictured as a "mad scientist" with crazy unkept hair. When in fact, the wild hair is often an exaggeration. He was a bit of a character and is seen in photos as joking, even sticking out his tongue.

He was born in Germany and did much of his work in Europe before coming to America. He was offered the position of president of Israel, but turned it down. He instead collaborated with the then leader of Israel. He moved to the United States and pursed further research.
He died in Princeton, NJ after an aneurism where he declined medical operations to prolong his life.
In 1921 he earned the Nobel Prize in Physics. Time Magazine honored him as man of the century!
So this man, who is mocked for his appearance, was in fact a genius far ahead of his time. He also was humble and grounded.

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