Friday, December 11, 2009

Brrrrrr. It's cold outside. Dec 11th

This morning was the coldest morning all season. It was a whopping 23 degrees today at noon. It was windy and chilly.
The girls had a math team meet yesterday at Hanover. The meet ended and the bus didn't arrive for 25 minutes! The poor kids were standing outside and saw the bus drive past the school! The teacher sent the kids into the lobby to wait, but she waited outside, hoping to flag down the bus. So, the bus didn't arrive at the high school until much later than predicted -- all due to an idiot bus driver who "missed" the school.
How is this acceptable? This is the same driver that drove them TO the school. His job was to park outside the school and then pick the kids up. What the heck was the driver doing?

Tonight the kids have tennis and so do we! My tennis partner is having a tennis birthday party, so it should be fun!

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