Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Hero

Jasper Schuringer

The "terror suspect" Umar Mutallab - who attempted to blow up a plane in Detroit on Christmas by combining chemicals and trying to create a deadly explosion -- was subdued by this man shown above. This HERO - saw that Mutallab had some sort of explosive in his lap and grabbed the object that was on fire and smoking -- from the suspect and put out the flames with his hands. He then grabbed the suspect and took him to the front of the plane and searched him for more weapons/bombs.

Jasper Schuringer is not a airport employee - not a TSA agent, not a federal marshall.

He is a Dutch filmmaker!

Shuringer burned his hands (badly enough to be taken to the hospital) and claimed - "I am fine, but shaken up."

What a hero! He risked his own life to save the flight, the passengers on the flight and destruction that would have occurred from an exploding aircraft. We all remember the events of 9/11, the fear, the pain and the vulnerability. This man - not even a US citizen apparently did as well. Thank you, Jasper Schuringer.

Now, for the truly frightening part...

-the suspect Umar Mutallab is an engineering student in London.
- he lives in a $4,000,000 apartment in Central London that the police were searching on Saturday.
- he claims to have obtained the explosives in Yemen - and received orders from Al Queada to detonate the device over US soil
- he is on a list of suspected terrorists - while NOT on a no fly list
- his father - a wealthy Nigerian former minister and chairman of a bank knew about his son's extremist views and was shocked that he was even allowed to fly into the US. The father is cooperating fully with authorities.

In response to the latest attack, all passengers are required to remain in their seats 1 hour prior to landing, to have NOTHING in their laps - (no books, no laptops, no drinks) for the final hour of flight.

Now, I ask this next question in all seriousness. If this act happened while President Bush was in office, how would the media respond?
President Obama is vacationing in Hawaii and released a statements through CNN that "all appropriate measures be taken to increase security for air travel."

So, will Obama be required to remain in his seat without so much as a magazine for the last hour of his flight when he is done in Hawaii? Will he be held to questioning from reporters about security concerns?
I think not.

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