Monday, December 14, 2009

A Class Act

Here is a fantastic story in today's Union Leader.
Kitchen manager Paul Souzy of Airport Diner in Manchester got a phone call after a patron had left the restaurant. She had left an envelope, filled with cash, her pay for the week at her table. She got distracted over one thing or another -- she has 3 kids and thought she left the envelope at her table.
She asked the waitress if they found her envelope. The waitress checked the table and it was seated with another round of patrons.
The waitress told the woman who then spoke to Souzy, the kitchen manager.
The woman, clearly distressed, asked if she could look through the garbage in the dumpster.
Souzy, was not comfortable with customers going through the trash -- so he donned gloves and spent the time looking for the envelope!

He found it and called the woman. She immediately went over and thanked him. He would not accept a reward.

Talk about sharing the Christmas spirit. One woman was in need and this kind man sought through garbage to help her. He not only found the envelope, but then called her back to come retrieve it. What a great story! Another Christmas miracle.

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