Thursday, December 17, 2009

Couldn't Resist...

Here is a strange website, that I have to admit, I find hysterically funny. OK, so funny, that I wind up laughing out loud and having a belly laugh that aches the next day.
It is called Sketchy Santa and its claim to fame is that is has pics of Santa Claus with kids.
Now, we all know that some young children are frightened of Santa.... this is age appropriate, etc for young toddlers.
But, some of the photos are just hysterical. Some older kids look so unhappy, obviously, they are having their picture taken to please their parents. In other photos, Santa looks like a psychopath -- clearly, there was no screening process for old Kris Kringle.

Part of the reason I find this site so amusing -- is that it is a perfect example of how people miss the point of Christmas. The idea that if there is magic and joy in seeing a child enjoy Christmas, then some parents perpetuate the Santa Claus myth -- way beyond what is healthy or normal.
It is one thing to enjoy the romantic notion of Santa Claus & his reindeer. It is a totally different thing to force your children to sit on a drunk "Santa's lap at the mall in October in order to get a Christmas card photo.

Now, back to the above least Santa is smiling. The three children are terrified and trying to run for their lives and yet, the parents snapped a photo to "capture the magic of Christmas".

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DamianC said...

Wait to you see our card!