Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Fantastic Christmas!

We had a fantastic, fabulous, best-ever Christmas this year.
First, Veron returned home for Christmas. We got to meet her husband, whom we all like and Veronica looks fantastic! Oh, what a great feeling it is to see Veron so happy! I was on cloud nine after meeting them at the airport. I know they had some delays in customs, but once everything was worked out - I felt terrific!
Ashley came with me to meet them at the airport and let me tell you, that girl is an angel!
I apparently, was so nervous, that I kept inching my way up to the gates.... Ash kept calmly, directing me back. She tried to distract me by suggesting we walk over and get a cup of tea at the Dunkin donuts, but I would have none of it! What if we missed Veron & Jalal. (On a side note - all arrivals exit from the same door - all within view of the Dunkin Donuts. So, her request was not unreasonable --- I was!).
Then, when Jalal & Veron exited, I only saw Jalal. He was pushing their cart of luggage and I could make out a female to the side of him. But, I KNEW it was Jalal from his photos, so I madly started waving.

If I had been outside, my waving would have directed incoming aircraft!
But, Jalal saw me, recognized me and turned to Veron, "your sister is here"....
Veron turned to see me and I ran up to the gate to hug her! I was so happy to see them! We had a very pleasant ride back - no traffic at all! And so Christmas began!
The next day, Veron & Jalal, Dad and M went to Damian & Laurie's for a fantastic time! This is more than just rumor, as I heard from Dame, Dad & M and all three mentioned what a great time they had together!
Earlier in the day, I spoke to Piera who was getting ready to open presents and go to her own Christmas party with Jim & his family. So, all Canuto's were accounted for and happy!

Ash texted Jon's brother who is in Florida with his family and they were all happy. And Ash & Allie called Jon's parents who were enjoying a quiet Christmas of their own. Life is good.

Here are some highlights from our day. Now, mind you, we are a bit odd. We admit that and we embrace it. But, by the end of the night, no one wanted Christmas Day to end, as we were all so happy!
Santa left some goodies for us outside. The Orangina was perfectly chilled!

Simple & Healthy - Chocolate cups filled with fresh berries & mango. The combination of the crisp chocolate & the juicy berries was nothing short of divine!

Ash asked for canvas sneakers, so she could draw on them and make them unique. She spent the afternoon working on them and they look fantastic! More pics tomorrow on the completed project!

Here is the cutting board after I sliced all the roast beef. Allie and I huddled over the board and picked at the little pieces of beef. Oh, this was heaven. With each little morsel, Allie closed her eyes and was in heaven!

And lastly, because we had no company, Jon flew his helicopter all day. When he need to repair it, he did so. Even at the dinner table! Notice the salad in the background! Before anyone else was done with their meal, he ran off to fly his helicopter (he only gets 8 min of battery life before he has to recharge it.) The girls and I sat happily chatting and eating and Jon would sit & work on his helicopter.

All was good! I am so glad to know that everyone had a great Christmas as well!

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