Monday, December 28, 2009

Keeping Busy!

When Veron & Jalal went to M's home, they played Wii games with Brian and M.
What they didn't tell me was how good they were at them!

So, we graciously thought we would be good hosts and "take it easy on them"...
Well, here is what Veron looks like playing a friendly game of Wii bowling.
She got strike after strike and was terrific at it!

So, we casually switched to tennis on the Wii. After all, Jon & I have been playing tennis for years, logging so many practice hours, taking lessons, competing in tournaments.
No such luck at winning, though. Because this is what Jalal looks like playing Wii tennis...

And this is how Jon & I look playing against them!

We will have to challenge them at shuffleboard next time!

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