Sunday, December 06, 2009

One Heck of a Day!

This weekend has been fantastic and a killer at the same time!
We had our first snowstorm, the girls took their SAT's, the girls had their last MIT class and I spent the end of Sunday evening in the hospital....not hurt, just doing administrative duties.

The girls took the SAT's at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden. The SAT is a grueling "standardized test" that all perspective college students must take. There are 3 parts to the SATs and the test begins at 8 am and ends at 1 pm. It is known as an endurance test, in math, writing and verbal and is exhausting.
So, Ash took her first SAT test and Allie took her test for the second time. We await the results for 3 more weeks.

Today, we went down to Boston for the final SAT prep class. Last time they met, they took a diagnostic test to compare results from the beginning diagnostic test they took back in September. Both girls improved! We are so proud of them and the work they did! I was originally not thrilled with the idea of going to Boston for 9 weeks, every Sunday, but I believe it was a very good experience and worth the headache of the travel. I am so proud of Allie & Ash. I can't say that enough.

Oh-- on our final drive to Boston, I was grateful that we had such a beautiful day to drive down. We were so lucky that the snow ended last night. As I was driving getting ready to exit 26, something in the road caught my eye. A hubcap had rolled off some vehicle and was spinning towards us! I was so glad that I was paying attention and saw it. I did "evasive maneuvers" and dodged the moving object. There wasn't even time for me to say anything, but Jon & Allie both saw it as it was happening. Ash was deep in sleep in the backseat! She missed all the excitement.

Ash has has a recurring "rash" for lack of a better word, on her face for the past 4 days. It started out as a swelling and then became splotchy and bumply.... So, I was in contact with the doctor. When we arrived home from Boston, I called the doctor who has a busy schedule and offered to see Ash Tuesday evening. Well, Ash has a poetry competition on Tuesday and I wanted her face to be cleared up by then. I asked the doctor if she could see Ash now -- Sunday evening 7 pm. The doctor agreed, reluctantly, but agreed! I was grateful.
So, after a short visit with the doctor, I headed over to the new and improved New London hospital to drop off a lab sample. Let me say the their is a lot new but nothing, NOTHING improved.
After walking in the main entrance and finding it deserted, I headed over to the emergency entrance with specimen in hand. The security guard was kind in that he offered to find someone who worked there. This was not as easy as it sounds. The woman that came out to help me told me the lab was closed to come back between 7 am & 5 pm on Monday.
Well, I was not having any of it. I was at a hospital, after all.
I kindly explained that the doctor sent me with a sample because I had a sick child and I needed to drop off this sample NOW.
She walked me to the lab, refusing to enter my info into the computer (aka my payment info).
The lab worker took pity on me and agreed to run my sample, but told me I had to go and find the woman and get her to enter my info into the computer.
I gave him a deep look, trying to gauge if he was actually going to run the sample or if he was just trying to get rid of the pain-in-the-ass that he was dealing with. I took him at his word and thanked him tremendously.
I was then on a hunt in the deserted hospital corridors for the woman. This was like something out of a horror movie.
I called out and she responded. I found her and convinced her to take a photocopy of my insurance card. She reluctantly agreed. I thanked her and told her how lucky we were to have a hospital in the community. As a mother, it was a relief to know that my child was being treated and taken care of when she was sick.
The woman became more helpful and even asked for Ash's address and date of birth, so I knew I was getting closer to getting her info entered into the computer and therefore her sample worked on.
I left the hospital and called the doctor to tell her about that experience. She warned me that with the current healthcare overhaul, that this was just the beginning of the bureaucracy. I returned home. Twenty minutes later, the doctor called me to tell me that the lab tech called with the test results!
I was so grateful that the tech helped us out by running the sample and that the doctor would take us in so late at night.

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