Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowman Fun

Snowman Ideas for Christmas!
Snowman are iconic when it comes to winter, Christmas and kids.... Even the simplest of designs are recognizable as a "snowman" - a white circle with black eyes and a triangle shaped nose! How easy and fun.
Here, BHG turned a bowl and drinking glasses into a snowman punchbowl to hold eggnog.
Even with kids this would be great for their milk glasses! I think they painted on the bowl here with glass paints, but you could use chocolate syrup for the eyes and caramel syrup for the nose, if you didn't want to permanently change the glass or even melted chocolate that you painted on the inside of the glass!

Melting funny. Just an blob shape for the cookie and then frosting it with a round head, some MnM's for buttons.

I am sure that Dame recognizes these. They are Oreo's covered in white chocolate and then frosted to look like snowmen. Very cute.

Here is a cake pop made to look like a snowman. Just shape the cake into a snowman shape, put it on a stick, dip it in white chocolate and decorate with colored chocolate.

Lastly, these snowmen are too funny. Little powdered doughnuts, with mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouths and a carrot nose! Fun for preschoolers!

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