Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sushi Tuesday

Today, I treated Jalal & Veron to a tennis lesson with our coach, Partha.
Partha is a great instructor and both Jalal & Veron had a good time. Partha had a great time, too and told me that he thought Jalal is highly athletic...
Apres tennis, we went to Yama's Korean & Japanese food for lunch. Allie & Ash joined us as they were shopping in West Lebanon.
The staff at Yama's are very good to us. We introduced them to Veronica & Jalal and the waiter began speaking in French to Jalal when he found out that Jalal was from Morocco.
Well, the waiter was very friendly and kept bringing up out treats from the kitchen. It was wonderful. Jalal said that he hasn't eaten food like this before - seaweed, fish cakes, edamame, sushi rolls. It was a feast!

Afterwards, we went next store to Umbleby's Bakery for coffee. It was welcome in the cold wind, even though we were only outside for a few meters between Yama's & Umblebys.

It was a very fun day.

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