Thursday, December 10, 2009


Mission Impossible:
We ordered a piece of furniture and the delivery date was Dec 9th.
NH got a killer snowstorm that began the morning of the 9th.
The delivery was still set, but our plow guy had not plowed our driveway. We were worried that the delivery truck would turn around when they saw our hill and we would have to wait another week or more for the delivery as they only deliver to New London on Wednesdays....

Solution: Jon.

Jon took the car to the end of the road and waited for the delivery. The delivery guys were not going to try and go up our hill and Jon had a hard time convincing them to put the furniture on the roof of the car.....
But he was successful!
Here are our "movers" carrying in the chair up the walkway.

Here they are making progress...
In the home stretch...
Voila! Here is Jon's new seat all inside, dry and ready to be attached to the couch. What a relief to have it in time for the holidays, safely inside the house!
Thanks to my movers and snow shovelers for making this happen!

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