Friday, January 22, 2010

Airlines will Now Charge Large Passenger's Accordingly

Honestly, this picture says it all. In Europe, Air France and other airlines have announced the "new" policy of charging large people for 2 seats (when needed).
Yes, it seems like common sense to me as well.
Everyone who has ever flown knows that a flight is sought with peril - and I am not talking about plane maintenance, possible terrorists or germs. I am referring to the passenger next to you.
I have been seated next to
-overly talkative types,
-men & women that smell like a sweaty basketball team
-a passenger with a cat in her purse! (yes a cat!)
-a passenger who was intoxicated with some drug
-a passenger who fell asleep and whose bald head would fall on my shoulder, as if we were old friends.
-the sick passenger who coughed and wheezed and oozed fluids

None of these were very enjoyable situations.

I have also been the passenger that makes people nervous, as I have a tendency to get airsick and a little nervous.
There was one flight from hell where the turbulence was horrendous.
My stomach left my body a few times, I broke out in a sweat.
The plane shook and dropped for a good 15 minutes. After one particular drop, I turned to the passenger next to me and grabbed him on the shoulder and held him down as we got tossed around the plane.
I apologized in between throwing up into the "throw up bags". The poor man next to me retreated to the other end of his seat and asked me if I would ever fly again?

Well, airlines are now requiring large people to purchase 2 seats. And you can imagine that some groups are up in arms, citing ridiculous things, like "discrimination against obese people" etc.

It is not discrimination. It is common sense.
If your behind does not fit into one seat and instead requires 2 seats, you must pay for that.
If you girth takes up 3 seats - you must purchase 3 seats.
Can you imagine if a large person tries to wedge themselves into a middle seat and the two "bookends" have to compensate? Oh dear, the poor man on the wall end of the plane, what is he supposed to be squished up against the window so Mrs. Spratt can not feel bad about her size?

Additionally, if airlines can make the argument that luggage weighing more than 50 pounds will be charged a fee, OF COURSE they can do the same for humans!

The aircraft is safe for a particular weight. If the flight is full of obese people (which the average person's weight is getting heavier all the time) that affects the plane, the amount of fuel needed and sadly, but truthfully, the number of seats available.
Also, the attendants have to be prepared for larger passengers.
There are risks and situations that are different for non-obese people. Obese people move slower, block aisles, and are at risk for heart attack, stroke, etc.

If I were an attendant, I would be very nervous.


Laurie said...

Have you not had the good fortune of having a little one kick your seat through an entire flight, and then when you nicely ask the parents to have their child (who is clearly over the age of 6) to stop, they get angry with you?! That is my typical flight. (and the cat thing, Wow. There was a woman in church a few weeks ago that had a dog in her purse).

DannyB said...

Oh, yes... who can forget that lovely aspect. Kick, kick. tap. Kick, kick, kick, tap.