Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ash's Adipose

Here is a post I meant to show a while ago...
Ash is a Dr.Who lover. Dr. Who is a British tv show that has been in production for decades. It is a science fiction show, that explores possibilities of alien life, philosophical and political questions and is still an action show. The hero or main character -- is the Doctor, otherwise known as Dr. Who. He has no other name, but hearing the British actors say, "the Dock-Torr" is very poetic!
Dr. Who protects earth and the universe from forces of greed and evil. In one episode, Adipose Industries sells "diet plans" to unsuspecting earthlings. All customers get a gold necklace. At a certain point in the day, the unsuspecting "victims" lose weight by the adipose tissue (fat cells) inside their bodies, come to life and escape. The photo below shows an adipose as it leaves the person.
Photo from the Dr. Who show

Jon wanted to find an "Adipose" for Ash for Christmas. She loves to watch the show and remarked at how cute the adipose were. So, he searched online and found some sites selling Adipose stuffed dolls, but they were all SOLD OUT.
He showed me the Adipose doll (above) and I told him that I thought I could sew one.... So, here goes..
I needed to draw an image for the Adipose, so I designed a label and thought about the shape I wanted to make. I also thought about the face and how I could best do that...
Here is what I came up with.
She loved it! We were so thrilled. I had to make 2 trips to get the felt for the mouth. I thought I had some, but I had none in a second trip to Colonial Pharmacy was in order. I was thrilled that she was happy.

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