Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Author Robert Parker RIP

Boston novelist Robert Parker, 77, died unexpectedly on Sunday, while his wife of 50 years went out for a jog. Robert Parker is the author of 37 books in the Spenser:For Hire detective series as well as many other mysteries. Overall, he wrote 65 books in 37 years.
His three most prolific series were all about detectives and their complex relationships with their loved ones. Spenser - was a former police officer turned private eye; Jesse Stone was an alcoholic detective dealing with a divorce, Sunny Randall was a female investigator.

I enjoyed the Spenser novels tremendously. Spenser was a tough man, a former boxer who was strong, confident and compassionate. He loved to cook, had a foster son, a long term relationship with the woman he loved and a Black best friend. (Spenser:For Hire was also a TV show during the 1980s starring Robert Urich.) He was a very "real" character.
After reading about a dozen of the Spenser books, I stumbled on to the Jesse Stone books. I loved them even more. The Jesse Stone books had less action than the Spenser novels, but they were emotional, complex and intriguing. I loved them.

Robert Parker - a literary great.
Imagine my delight when tv movies were made into the character starring Tom Selleck!

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