Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

I love cheese.
I used to tell the girls when they were little "I love you more than cheese" and they would be thrilled with me.
When they were still in elementary school, Jon & I took Allie, Ash & Veron to southern Vermont to a cheese cave, where cheese makers gave tours and explanations of the process.
I thought it was thrilling and interesting.
Everyone else thought I was nuts.

Even though they don't want it made public knowledge, they love cheese as well.
On Friday, Jon and I took a trip to the Cabot Cheese Shop in Quechee, VT. It is only 10 minutes from where we played tennis on Friday, so we went to lunch and then for CHEESE!

This was similar to the counter at the cheese shop with samples on the table. (I found this photo on the web and it is the same place). Since Jon & I arrived at 4 pm and they closed at 5:00, you can imagine that the non-refrigerated samples didn't look to appetizing. But, we weren't there for samples, I wanted to see different varieties etc.

There were a number of different varieties. They had the standard Cabot products, as well as unusual Cabot varieties - aged, private stock and then some flavored ones.
We purchased a garlic cheddar, buffalo sauce Cheddar and chipotle Cheddar.

They also had honey, lots and lots of crackers, cheese boards & trays and wines.
There was a video showing the actual Cabot cheese factory, which was rather interesting. We stayed and watched a little of it.

My commentary on the cheeses we purchased:
Garlic cheddar - delicious. (not to be confused with the garlic & herb) It reminds me of the mozzarella that used to be stored in the small refrigerator at the restaurant. It would acquire a garlic flavor overnight. It was not strong garlic, but more of a roasted garlic flavor. I know this sounds silly, but I think sticking a chopped garlic clove in a bag with cheddar would create a similar flavor. The Cabot cheese professionals would roll their eyes at this statement. I mean no offense.
Buffalo Sauce Flavored - This was cheddar cheese with buffalo seasoning (aka hot sauce) on the outside of the cheese. This was also delicious, but spicy. This was Jon's favorite. Not really a surprise as he is a buffalo flavored chicken fan.

Chipotle Cheddar - My absolute favorite. Delicious cheddar with a mild pepper spice throughout. But, the flavor was more complex and I thought it was delicious. I would make the trip up just for this cheese. It tasted different from the pepper jack Cabot that is sold in the grocery store.

They had other flavors that were interesting - tika masala and other combinations. All delicious.

Cabot has a terrific web site with recipes, pairings and links to an online shopping cart as well.


Laurie said...

Every.single.time. we drive by Cabot on our way to my parent's house Damian mentions he wants to take you there :-) Also, I think I would LOVE the buffalo cheese one.

DannyB said...

The buffalo cheese was good!
I would love to go to the Cabot up north by your parents! I will keep Damian in mind...