Monday, January 18, 2010

Flamingo in the Snow...

The weather forecast for last night was 6-12 inches of snow and mild temperatures. We received less than 6 inches at our house, but the temperatures were very mild. So mild in fact, that Jon suggested we go skiing and snowboarding.
What a day. It was absolutely fantastic skiing/boarding weather. No wind, on and off sunshine, few lines and flamingos!
(I will get to the flamingo part later).
We went to Ragged Mountain in Danbury. It is smaller than Sunapee, but we have been very, very pleased there. We taught the girls to ski at Ragged, mainly because it tended to be less crowded than Sunapee, the food was better and the workers were friendlier. Through the years, we have really had such good times at Ragged.
One time the ski shop helped us with the problem of Ashley's growing feet. We were having to get her new boots and readjusting her skis all the time. The ski technician suggested that we get an instructor's binding -- or one that adjusted to many more sizes than a normal binding and was made for a lot of wear and tear. I thought it was a great idea, as I stopped buying her skis and boots because she was outgrowing them so quickly, and we spent a few seasons renting them each time we came. Well, he not only had a great suggestion, but sold me some from the shop - not sold to the public - for $25!
Well, today we had another great experience....
Here is just one of the beautiful views from our day! Ash & I spent the morning skiing together and Jon & Allie spent the morning snowboarding... Then we broke for a much needed lunch...
Believe me, it was delicious, but I was so hungry that a live cow would have looked tasty!

Here is Jon going down the slope. He and Allie have made such progress these past couple of years!
After lunch we all skied & snowboarded together. It was a lot of fun.

Ragged has a contest going on this season. Each weekend day or holiday, the ski patrol hides a "pink flamingo" named Sweeps, somewhere on the mountain. The lucky person who finds it and brings it to the ticket office, gets a free all day adult pass to the mountain.

Well, we found it!
Well, they went to get it and were immediately yelled to from other skiers!
One little boy, who couldn't have been more than 8 years old, was cursing Allie for finding the flamingo!

The girls took turns getting it down the mountain where they were questioned by other skiers as to where they found the bird! We couldn't believe all the publicity they got!
They went to the customer service counter and were given the free lift ticket after they had their picture taken for next year's brochure!
Another great day.

And where else but NH would you find a pink flamingo on the ski slope!

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