Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Global Warming.... or Cooling? You Tell Me

As I write this, the US has been plagued with abnormally cold temperatures for early January.
Even Russian President Putin is directing his country to plan for global cooling....
And yet our crock pot politicians just returned from a global warming conference in Copenhagen. In what has been described as a luxurious vacation, funded by the taxpayers of America - that's right you and me...
Nancy Pelosi, was in charge of "calling the shots" on who attended. Over 20 politicians + their families (101 total people) went on an all expense paid trip. The military jets alone that brought them there cost $168,000. 321 hotel rooms were booked at the 5 star Marriott and this figure does not include meals!
They will not release actual bills and are mum on the details. Pelosi refuses to give interviews.

Interestingly, the jaunt over to Copenhagen produced enough carbon dioxide to fill 10,000 Olympic size swimming pools. I think someone forgot to remind them that the point of the trip was the Climate Summit.

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