Thursday, January 07, 2010

Great Day

I don't remember laughing this hard in a long time!

Today, Jon & I took Jalal & Veron, Allie & Ash indoor skydiving! It was SOOOOOO much fun.
We all did the training session, got suited up with jumpsuits made of stiff canvas, goggles, ear plugs, helmets, kneepads & elbow pads. We entered the wind tunnel waiting room and took our seats.
One at a time, we went into the wind tunnel with our instructor, Jalal, the brave soul went first.
He was a natural. He had a natural arch to his back, was controlled yet relaxed and was a pro.
Then I went. It took all of my focus and our instructor kept giving me the "RELAX" signal.
Right! Relax. I have a hard time relaxing in a hot bath, let along in a wind tunnel with a loud turbine sending 85 mph wind at me and some strange man grabbing me by the legs, back, head and any other part that is within reach. Oh, and did I mention that my family is all sitting in the waiting area watching every thing I do.

So, I really tried to remember what the training reviewed, "look up" "straight legs" "arms out in front". Pretty soon, the instructor was guiding me to the door to let the next person begin. For some reason, I couldn't understand at the time, he wanted me to leave the tunnel.
Well, for whatever reason, I didn't think I should leave the tunnel and I proceeded to fight him.
I grabbed the door frame with my hands and appeared to refuse to leave the tunnel. I don't know why I did this!!

In the video of our session, you can clearly see the instructor guiding me to the door and I don't leave, but instead try to "fly" high up and continue my session. Here he is trying to push me through the door and I am pushing back.
I honestly wasn't trying to stay in the tunnel, I thought I needed to fly!

When I looked up, I saw Jalal & Veron at the door offering me their hands. So, I took them. Then I realized that my turn was over and I should leave the tunnel!

In the video, the instructor is clearly frustrated and follows me out the door to make sure that I don't turn back and go in!

Allie went next and was a natural, little bird in the tunnel!
Ash went and had a little trouble getting used to the flying.
Jon went and was a natural.
Veron, hesitantly went and was terrific!

We all went another round and we all improved! I even left the area when I was told! Ash was so brave. I could tell that she was a little nervous the first round, but didn't hesitate to give it another try.

We each had a final third round that the instructor flew with us and took us high and in circles. It was very, very fun.

We left and had dinner at Hermanos, in Concord. We all recapped our experiences and laughed and laughed and laughed! It was more as much fun as the indoor skydiving!

Oh and in case anyone is wondering.... I enjoyed the indoor skydiving, but I have NO desire to actual skydive. I think I will stick with the "Chicken Skydiving" as I call it.

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