Friday, January 29, 2010


Allie is safely in Boston at her Model UN Conference and will be back on Sunday. So, far her first meeting that ran until 11:45 last night went well! We miss her.

PSNH cut down some tree limbs on our road. I called them back in the fall to report that there were a number of branches rubbing on power lines. PSNH has changed their policy from preventative maintenance (of cutting branches annually or bi-annually) to doing it "as needed". The kicker -- they determine the "as needed" part. But, they will accept your request and then make a determination.
They even have the form on their website to fill out to make such a request. This is exactly what I did last fall. A few days after I placed the request, Dave Crane called from PSNH to acknowledge my request and to inform me of the PSNH policy. Also, PSNH doesn't actually do the trimming, they hire ASPLUNDH to do the work.

I was appreciative of his call to confirm my request. I was also a little surprised to hear about the policy of cutting limbs as needed. About a month later, I received another call from Mr. Crane telling me that the work had been done in my area and he would close out my request.
Well, I saved his message as I had not seen any work or any remnants of work being done. I meant to call him and find out if I was imagining the trees rubbing against the power lines. But, between the surgery and the holidays, it slipped my mind...

On Wednesday, I arrived home from work to find piles and piles of limbs and branches up our driveway. I was surprised because this was over 1 month from Mr. Crane's call telling me that the work had been completed AND because we were expecting snow on Thursday and these brush piles would cause problems for our plow guy.

So, Thursday morning at 8 am, I retrieved the message from Mr. Crane back in December and called him. I was polite and explained who I was and that I had piles of branches up my driveway. I wanted to know if it was my responsibility to move the piles or if ASPLUNDH was going to come and chip them (as I see them do). I wanted to know, not to be difficult, but because of the impending snow, I needed them cleared one way or the other.

Well, Mr. Crane was very helpful and very surprised. He pulled up my file and sounded shocked/upset that the work was done on Wednesday and not back in December as had been reported by the crews.
He told me that the piles should have been removed or chipped right away and the only excuse was if the machinery was broken. He apologized, told me he would get in touch with the crews immediately. He asked me to please call him back if they weren't removed by morning.
I appreciated his attention to my question.

Well, yesterday, it began snowing around 3:00 pm and the piles were still on our driveway. I was getting nervous. As I looked closer there were about 9 piles and it would take me a few hours to move them. Then came the issue of where do I move them?
I picked up Ash from school and we did some shopping. We ran into terrible white-out weather and arrived home at 6:30 pm, when it was pitch black and cold. As far as we could tell, the piles were gone!
When I looked closely this morning, the piles were in fact gone. Not perfectly, but adequately. I will have some clean up to do. While I am not thrilled with the job they did, I am content.
I do feel that Mr. Crane was very helpful. I suspect that if I hadn't called him, then we would have snow covered piles of branches littering our driveway. ASPLUNDH crews are typically obnoxious. When I see them removing limbs on roads, they block the roads, leave piles of brush and do not work efficiently or conveniently for through traffic.
I understand that there are narrow roads to work on and some are difficult. But, they seem to take advantage of their situation and do not have any respect for others.

Well, at least I can enjoy the cold weather, knowing that my plow guy can do his job.

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