Friday, January 08, 2010

Interesting Article

Here is a link to a very interesting article written by a pilot on what we can do as passengers in the event of a terrorist attack on a plane.

The article is NOT what we have been instructed and trained to do since the '70s. Between the 70's and the events of 9/11 2001, we have been told to sit back, follow the direction of the airline attendants.
This is not the best advice.

While studying criminal sciences, the instructor discussed at great length the way terrorists depend on passengers acting like cattle and waiting for instruction. This article addresses that and addresses the failures of the government, TSA and flight crews. Unlike anywhere else, it tells us, as passengers to be observant and trust our instincts.

It advises us to pay attention while waiting to board the plane. There are things that are known about terrorists - they travel in groups at times, they ma appear nervous and talk to themselves etc.

Smart attendants will spot a "suspicious" passenger take note. Unfortunately, how many smart attendants are out there? I know that there are more employees trying to get through their day than there are employees who work hard. That is the fact of the matter.

The article suggests being attentive and talking to everyone we can if we suspect something suspicious. Tell the gate attendants before you board the plane, tell the other passengers even!
If on the plane tell a flight attendant, if one isn't responsive, tell another and so on.
This is the first article that I have seen that not only gives us suggestions for saving our own lives, but acknowledges that SAVING our lives is needed.
If you see something that scares you, don't get on the plane! If before the aircraft door closes, you see something that scares you, tell the attendant that you are sick and must leave the plane. If you are unable to leave the plane and see something that is suspicious, tell the flight attendant. If they do not respond, you can make a difference. Pay attention and be ready to act. In cases of terrorism on planes, death is the outcome. Don't kid yourself into thinking that you need to sit in your seat and watch events unfold.

The author explains that there have been a lot of unreported, unpublicized incidents on the planes. Airlines as well as the TSA cover up the events and even refer to them as engine trouble, a problem with the aircraft, weather, etc.

This is a terribly scary and deep topic. But, our rights and our freedoms are not free.
We do not live in a world where justice prevails as a matter of principal or because it is "right".

One phrase I firmly believe in is simple...."miracles happen after a lot of hard work".

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