Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Penny for Your Thoughts & Other Uses for a Penny

Allie read an article on unconventional uses for a penny. Here are some interesting ones collected from the internet.
1. Use the penny as a weight, in a curtain or tablecloth. Just sew into a hem or pocket.
2. Use to check the tread in your tire. Place the penny with Lincoln's head into the tire. If the head is in full view, you need new tires.
3. Use as a screwdriver for flat head screws. This works for some toys.
4. Plant a handful of pennies in the soil when you plant hydrangeas. It will increase the ph in the soil.
5. Use as a spacer when laying tile or mosaics.
6. Use a penny to make rounded corners on corners. Just trace around the edge and cut on the line.
7. Glue a penny to a chair leg to stop it from wobbling.

Can you think of any others?