Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The People's Seat in MA

Scott Brown, a Republican from Massachusetts won the Senate seat formally held by Ted Kennedy in an upsetting loss for the Democrats.
What is interesting to me, aside from the first Republican win in Massachusetts since 1972 is the fact that the media and politicians are once again missing the point.

America's system of government based on the belief that no single branch has all the power - not the executive, legislative or judicial. Within each branch is also a series of checks and balances. The legislative branch is made up of the Senate & the House of Representatives. Within those are Republicans & Democrats (and the occasional Libertarian) who have different philosophies. The differing views are GOOD for this country.

So, now White House states that Brown's opponent ran a poor campaign. Republicans state that the election was the result of people not happy with Obama's policies. What the spin doctors refuse to acknowledge is that Americans do not want to be told what to do. We do not want to be socialists. We do not want a king or a dictator. We want the chance to vote for our representative who shares our beliefs. We do not want an overhaul of education, banking, and healthcare. We do not want to be taxed into oblivion while watching other's life high on the hog, avoiding the rules they set for everyone else.

Is this a victory for Republican's? WHO CARES? This is a victory for Americans who are watching our country's freedoms and values disappear before our eyes.

The Massachusetts Senate seat was not Ted Kennedy's (even though he occupied it for decades, even WHILE incapacitated with brain cancer) and it is not Scott Brown's seat either. It belongs to the citizens of Massachusetts who exercise their right to vote. God Bless America.

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