Sunday, January 10, 2010

Way Up in the North Country....

This is what the natives look like.

Theo & Claudia were adorable. They were very attentive to their Dad who went over the schedule again and again with them. They ate, played and went to bed with no fuss. Must be something in the water up there!

Here is their handsome father when he left for Laurie's sister's wedding. It may be sisterly bias, but isn't he adorable?
Here is a centerpiece from the wedding that Dame brought back for us.
Highlights of the day:
1- A beautiful drive up to Littleton.
2- Two happy children eager to show us their toys.
3- At the end of the night, Claudia looked at me with tired eyes and said, "Hi Aunt M". Imagine my sadness at telling her that while I look like Aunt M, I am Aunt Lala.
4- Seeing Theo climb onto Ashley's back and proceed to just rest there watching his sister play with Claudia.
5. Claudia, who always has a sweet and quiet little voice, grumbled with a very low, scruffy voice, "MORE BLUEBERRIES!"
6- Damian arriving home, all dressed in his suit, wearing a ski jacket and holding 2 bouquets of roses - one red and one white (from Laurie's bouquet).
7-Going out to the car and it was -7 below on the way to the hotel. It was even colder when we left the hotel in the morning!

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Laurie said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The kids had a great time! I am so sorry D was so late last night. Ali's wedding was beautiful. I'll post some pics soon! Glad you had a good time up here. We really appreciate it.