Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Recap - Wait it's Only MONDAY!

Wow. What a day!
I have been extremely busy. And it is just one day.

Monday began after a night of rain and a minor ice build up. This resulted in a delay in school, so the kids didn't start their day until 8:30 instead of 6:30 a.m. Luckily, the dangerous conditions cleared up as the temperature rose to 50 degrees!

I have been busy at work, trying to get a shopping cart up for the MELLEN website. This takes a lot of organization. Each product has to be assigned a product number, that has to have a weight, a picture and a price. Since we have many lines of products, it is a lot of work. Right now, I have entered over 40 product numbers.

Allie is heading to Boston on Thursday for a Model U.N. experience. Allie & her group are representing Ghana. She has to have a professional wardrobe and supplies and money for food.

Ash is going to miss her and so are we.

Reminder - Theo's birthday is coming up. Dame sent around an e-mail letting us know that Theo loves getting mail addressed to THEODORE.
How adorable is that? To think that receiving a piece of mail will brighten his day - that is so precious.

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Laurie said...

Yes, Theo has a wall set up for his cards (this was his idea) - - and only has 2 on it. It pales in comparison to his xmas wall. I bought him 2 today to mail to him. LOL. But feel free to send one! He is pretty ecstatic about getting mail. He will sit on the floor and look at his name for awhile and then rip it open. Very cute.