Friday, February 05, 2010

Another Burger Recipe - Cobb Burgers

Are you familiar with Cobb Salad?
The Cobb Salad was first made and recorded by Robert Cobb in 1937. Cobb was the owner of the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood. The "legend" that has come to surround this salad is that it was late one night when one customer (Sid Grauman, owner of Grauman's Chinese Theater) came in for a late night snack.
Cobb rifled through his refrigerator and found "a little of this and a little of that" including lettuces, cooked chicken, hard boiled egg, Roquefort cheese, bacon and avocado. He combined them into a composed salad and served them to his friend and neighbor who deemed it the "Cobb Salad" and went on to request it in the future.

Cobb Salads have been served all over America since then with different variations - blue cheese, tomatoes, onions, dressings, etc. It is really a nice combination of flavors and I love the salad.
It inspired me to put it into a burger that was quite good.
Grill your burger to desired doneness.
Place on a warmed bun with blue cheese, that should melt while on the hot burger. Yum.
Then I added some crisp bacon and sliced avocado.
It would be delicious with lettuce and onion as well.

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