Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Hypotrichosis is a condition of having inadequate number of eyelashes....

Did you know that there is a prescription medicine to grow eyelashes?
For $120 per month + a doctor's note and you can get a prescription drug called Latisse that when applied to the eyelash daily will produce thicker eyelashes in 16 weeks.
The result is very successful and when patients stop using the product, the results return to previous lash thickness.

Now, on a positive note, this product was "discovered" as a side effect of glaucoma medicine. Bismatoprost is the active ingredient in Latisse (the eyelash drug) and is also the active ingredient in Lumigan the glaucoma drug.

This is strange. Yes, we have advanced to a point where we CAN create drugs to grow eyelashes, but SHOULD we? Is this something we should be spending money, time, research on? Since no drug is without side effects, is this acceptable?

Plastic surgeries are becoming more and more mainstream. We are becoming a society of shallow egomaniacs. Plastic surgeons claim that if a person choses to make themselves look better, who are we to criticize? Well, without criticizing anyone, let me say that I feel the statement is self-serving. Without people longing for plastic surgery and thicker eyelashes, they would be out of work.
I think it is unethical for doctors (who take the oath of "do no harm") to shill these procedures.

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