Friday, February 19, 2010

Horse of a Different Color

I painted these wooden horses. I wanted them to look like something that you might find in a toy chest in the attic. The animals are not very tall... just 6 inches or so, but they look hand carved and rustic. I found them at the crafts store, as I call them "naked wood" because they are unfinished. Here is what I did...
I took the naked horses, pig and cow and lightly sanded, then dusted the piece. I wanted them to look simple and aged, so I painted them in pale colors that wouldn't detract from the beauty of the hand carving...

Notice that the yellow horse is missing his tail! I didn't notice this until I started to paint it. I was so busy making sure that each horse had 4 legs + 2 ears that I forgot to check the tail!!! But, I thought OK, it looks like it was played with so much that the tail was broken off.
After they were painted twice and dried overnight, I sanded them to bring out more of a worn look. I like the way it looked. But it wasn't enough.
I then covered them with a mocha glaze and wiped it off. The glaze stained some of the bare wood from where I sanded, plus hid in the crevices. I liked this look too.
I had to be careful and not go overboard, because they can start to look dirty & dingy and I wanted worn, not gross.
Lastly, I went over all the animals with some white paint and wiped it off. This brought out some highlights and looked worn, not dirty. I love them!
Love the cow!
Piggy is adorable!
The three horses. I really like the simplicity of the solid pale colors.

Now, I want to find me some wooden chickens!

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