Thursday, February 04, 2010

I Did It!

Everyone has a sink that leaks at some point. Our basement sink fixture was kaput. It was like a cat with 9 lives.
It was originally installed in the house when Gram built it in 1987.
Then in 1995 we did some renovations and moved it to the basement laundry room.
In 2000 the hot water faucet leaked and changing the washer did not solve the problem, so we just shut off the hot water.
Last week, the cold water faucet leaked and made a mess.
So, what to do?
After examining the hardware and spending some time trying to find the source of the leak, Jon suggested replacing the faucets.
Getting a plumber around here is a little difficult.
And costly.
So, I went measured the distance on the existing faucets and noted that there were 3 distinct apparatus (hot water, cold water & spigot). I went to Home Depot and found a wall of faucets. There were plenty to choose from, so I went home happy.
Then I researched the "how-to" procedure and went down to tackle the sink.
Here is a "neat" and orderly version of what it looks like to replace a sink faucet. My area was not so neat. There was spilled water, dust, rusty and disintegrating pipes.
I had a little trouble removing the old hardware, but eventually got it all off.
Then I attached the new faucet, tightened the fittings and crossed my fingers.
I called the girls downstairs to look at my work and...

It works well and no leaks! Oh, we also have hot water!

Here is a good link for how to instructions on replacing a faucet.


Ally said...

Thumbs up, and nice blog!

Amanda said...

Yeah!! Glad it works!