Sunday, February 14, 2010

Movie Review - Avatar

Today, the four of us went to see Avatar, the sci-fi blockbuster from James Cameron.
The movie was shown in I-Max 3D, complete with goggles and amazing special effects.
The movie was also 2 hours 40 minutes long.
The movie was an amazing piece of art. I was most impressed with the amazing visuals. A good portion of the movie is computer generated and this was first class all the way. Sometimes, computer generated images are so fake that they distract from the plot, but not in this case.
The actors who were cast in the movie also were well cast.
Overall, the movie was entertaining.
The girls enjoyed it tremendously. Jon enjoyed it. I thought it was more a piece of art rather than a great movie.
I enjoyed watching the movie, but once it was over, I couldn't get past the obvious political message that James Cameron attempted to shove down our throats.
As a movie - it was good.

Past that, it was a liberal piece of propaganda full of every cliche that the liberal media wishes to establish:
- war monger military
- dumb short sighted leaders
- greedy corporate white men
- Whites set on destroying the environment
- the brilliant academic
- the compassionate and environmentally sustainable aliens (heroes) who are a combination of every minority culture in existence today.

The heroes are all aliens, depicted as our minority groups and the villains are depicted as white Americans. The heroes manage to overthrow the villains, but not until the villains damage the environment.

Avatar has grossed over $659,000,000 to date, so not everyone shares my opinion.
To each his own.

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