Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On the Sight Of Ground Zero

Don't be put off by the sight of construction bars, the crane in the background or what appears to be the yellow subway storage unit.
What you are looking at is Subway - (the sandwich franchise) being place atop the beginnings of construction of the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, the former sight of the Twin Towers in NYC.
The Freedom Tower is scheduled to be completed in 2013 and has about 5 floors completed now. Subway, inside a shipping container has been placed on top of the highest floor and will move up the tower as the floors are built! So every 2- 3 weeks, it will be raised along with the new floor that is constructed.

Now, it isn't only a billboard for Subway, it is a working franchise designed for the workers at the Freedom Tower. It takes workers as long as 45 minutes to get down from the top floors of the site and another 45 minutes to get back up. Subway will be baking bread daily (like it does in all the franchises) and selling to the workers, including their famous $5 footlong sub. Additionally, because it is NY, they will have regional favorites, like hot dogs, hamburgers and pretzels.

Now, here is the interesting thing to note:
Subway beat out 9 other bidders for the site. How?
By not demanding a "guarantee of profit" like the other 8 bidders required. They have arranged a deal with the ironworkers, so that Subway's only requirement is that they break even, meet all their expenses. They have a food service/dining area, a refrigeration area and a compost and trash area.

Subway will eventually take up the spot on the 105th floor, one that was formally occupied by Windows on the World, an elite establishment.

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