Monday, February 15, 2010

Peter Christian's Closed

Peter Christian's closed. Here is a link to the article in the Concord Monitor.

They posted a note on their facebook page on Thursday that they would be closed in order to prepare for the big week - aka Vacation week & Valentine's Day weekend. But, now a sign on their door reads "closed until further notice".

Patrons are posting on Facebook, very disappointed that they didn't get any notice of the closing.

The restaurant business is very, very difficult. Peter Christian's was not a chain or franchise and they prepared their own foods and the menu, while not vast was something different than what was offered in town. It was a simple - soup and sandwiches type of food.
We have fond memories of going there as kids, then later as teenagers.
Jon & I went on our first date to PC's.

In my opinion, the food and service went downhill over the past 5 years. We used to eat there at least 2X a month but haven't been there in years. The place was always crowded and didn't take reservations. The staff was in no hurray to seat you or take names for a waiting list, which I attributed to the crowds waiting for a table.
The food was "pub food" and was sufficient for a meal.

Still, I am sad to see that it went downhill and sad to see that it closed on such poor terms.
Between the difficulties to run a business to the increased government regulations/headaches to the slow economy, it is very tough to keep afloat.

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