Saturday, February 06, 2010

Revamped and Fabulous!

I found this pair of tall wooden candlesticks on clearance at Homegoods for $10.
I love candles, candlesticks, etc. These were unique in that they are 18" tall. They are sturdy and have nice "bones" or a nice shape. But, I didn't want them in black. I want to use them on our dining table and the black was just too dark for my decor.

Step 2 - I took them and painted them all white. I liked them better in white, but now they look too stark, almost like religious chalices. I want something more "homey" more casual and less formal.
Step 3 -I let them dry overnight. If I wanted to keep them white, I would have given them another coat or two. But, for my next step, I thought the inconsistent coats of paint were good. I then took a piece of sandpaper and spent about 5 minutes sanding all the edges of the sticks. I wanted them to look worn and have some of the black underlayer peek through.
Step 4 - I went back and examined the sanding job, realizing that I left some spots too "clean" so I roughed them up a little.
Then, I took some brown glaze and painted all over the candlesticks, careful to get in all the nooks and crannies. I wiped off the paint, so it left a little stain behind. I did this 3 times, to achieve the proper depth of stain that I liked.
Here are the finished candlesticks. I sealed them with a coat of clear acrylic and now and going to give them a day to dry. I will then put them out on my table!
Here are ones from Pottery Barn, selling for $34 for the large one 15" high and $24 for the small one, 8" high.

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