Sunday, February 28, 2010

Up and Running!

Something happened, I don't know what.... but we have internet again! I am thrilled.
I have lots to blog, but allow me to recap a very strange week for the family...
The girls had snow days from Wednesday through Friday. All three days were appropriate as we had just about every type of cold weather imaginable - from sleet, freezing rain, large amounts of snow, a snowicane, periods of sun (where did that come from?). We had power outages, internet outages, a working generator (thankfully). We do have more snow in the forecast, but it is only being measured in inches -so nothing to worry about!
Enough about the weather --
Here are some interesting things to note:
Meet Marilena's nemesis. Don't be fooled by its tiny fingers or chubby cheeks, this scoundrel and 4 of its cousins have been terrorizing M at her home all week. She came into her flooded home, only to find a gang of these thugs running around the INSIDE of her home!
After contacting an extermination service, who can't help her until Wednesday, she asked for my advice, remembering that we had some trouble with creatures in our attic.
I reminded her that fox urine (or bobcat urine or even coyote urine) will deter these creatures.
I also reminded her that a bottle sells for near $20. Her response, "will human urine work?"...
In other human urine news... Theo is using the potty! Laurie wrote a very cute anecdote about how Theo, a little nervous to use the potty, asked for both of his parents' hands to hold while he christened the potty for the first time!
Talk about a cute little story! Of course, after all successes, there should be a reward and this is no exception! Theo is given 3 gummy bears, a chance to make a phone call spreading the good news and a choice of a short movie to watch! (Oh, and the requisite happy dance that follows all successes).
This is a great accomplishment. A funny addendum to this story.... Theo chose to call for Ashley as a reward for one of the times he used the potty. Ashley was out of the house and I answered the phone. Dame explained to Theo that Ashley wasn't home, would he like to speak to Aunt Lala? The answer was a resounding "No." So, Ashley called him back when she arrived home. I guess he doesn't want the town crier posting his potty escapades on her blog!


piera said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a very busy week. At least the family isn't sick.
Good luck..

Ally said...

Nice new blog design!