Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vacation Day!

The girls and I went candlepin bowling today.
We bowled 3 frames and none of us broke 100 points!

Candlepin is different from the 10 pin or "big ball" bowling that I remember... In candlepin bowling the pins are thinner, you get 3 balls (instead of 2) and the balls have no holes for fingers.
I prefer 10 pin to candlepin, but we had fun today!
We started off very poorly, with me missing the pins altogether! But eventually, I got the hang of it, sort of.
Not having holes on the balls is hard.

One of us (I won't name names, but the shortest of the group) rolled her ball with so much spin that it rolled into the gutter and jumped into the alley next to us and knocked down a bystander's pins! He did a double take, not sure what happened! (His companion told us, not to worry, his partner needed all the help he could get!)

Another time, one of us (the oldest one) hit the pins in such a weird way, that one pin rolled away from the gutter and 1/4 way up our alley!

We had a fun time.

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