Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day.... Love is In The Air

Sunday marks St. Valentine's Day... Now, just like with all things, the holiday can get pretty ridiculous. Some people call it the "Hallmark Holiday" implying that it is a made up day, with the sole purpose to sell, sell, sell. In this case, it would be flowers, chocolates and wine.
Well, here is a little secret... women love it!
Yes, 90% of the before mentioned roses, chocolate and wine are given to women, so what is not to love!
But, it is also a day where by women feel cherished, adored and special. And while anyone who truly loves the person who is gifting them with these treasures knows, it is not about the gifts, but the attention which makes us feel special.
The shortened version of attention + kindness = romance has been translated to:
roses + chocolate = love.
And since retailers know this, they make these easily accessible, already to be given without any more work than swiping your credit card. Somehow, this seems to me to have lost the meaning of love. Don't get me wrong, no one should be ungrateful of think... "oh, you bought me a dozen roses, how cliche" but no one should feel that they need to receive a dozen roses either.

Jon knows that I feel this way and while I appreciate any flowers he has given me, I am not a "flowers and candy" type of girl and he knows this. After close to 20 years of marriage, we have moved past the flowers and candy stage anyway.
We see the acts of appreciation in things everyday, like when I bring a hot cup of honey lemon tea to Jon on mornings that he has a sore throat or when Jon empties the dishwasher when I have already gone to bed. These little acts of kindness make our days more pleasant and are actually quite thoughtful.

So you can imagine my appreciation for this offer for Valentine's Day.

According to my husband, I have a bit of a snoring problem. Never being awake to notice, I would disagree, but that is until he recorded my snoring spell on his computer.
Now, without certifying the authenticity of the tapes, I would have to agree that I may in fact be a snorer.
But, luckily Jon has some technical knowledge and has offered to help me solve the problem. It is an i-phone with a snoring app. (A $5 application from Apple)
All I have to do is to strap an i-phone to my arm at night and when it detects 4 snores, it vibrates to wake me up! Isn't technology great!
Maybe I need to re-think being a roses & candy type of girl!


Laurie said...

My Valentine's Days are forever changed - and are now Claudia's birthdays. How wonderful, huh?!

Jonathan Mellen said...

Lets get one thing straight here: I sent the e-mail about the app the day BEFORE Valentines day! Plus I think what arrived on Valentines day deserves a post too ;)