Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weather Condition Update....

It seems as if this blizzard has missed Dame & Laurie and M. Piera got some snow, but we in the central part of the state got a TON of snow.
The girls had a "Blizzard Bag Day" on Wednesday in lieu of school. This is an experimental program where kids are assigned work (lots of work) to do at home in "Blizzard Bags". In exchange for completing the work, the school does not have to make up the snow day later on in the year. There are some conditions for this, as well as limits, but yesterday was the first one.
Today, due to the ice, the school had a snow day.
Here are some images from Wednesday...
Our view right outside our home.
The rhodies all covered with snow.
I love how the snow looks as it grips the branches...

The girls couldn't resist as the snow was very packable! So, they made a gigantic snowman!
The girls were standing up when I took this picture. To give you some idea, Ashley stands 5' 10", so this snowman is a snow giant!

Today it has been snowing, raining and sleeting ALL day! We are expecting another 8 inches of snow by Saturday, with today's rain/sleet/snow the worst part of it. After tonight, it should be snow....
Off to shovel some more!

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