Friday, February 26, 2010

Weather Update..

As I write, I see sun peeking out of clouds. Just 5 minutes ago was a snow "white-out".
We have been without electricity since 2 am and the news states that 47% of PSNH's customers are without power - the same levels of the 2008 ice storm.
Thankfully, our generator is working, so we have minimal (but sufficient) power. Jon has been running our woodstove since last night, so the living room is toasty warm.
The yard is a mess with downed branches, but luckily no big trees that we can see.
So, overall we are lucky & safe.

Dad called and just 3 miles away has full power, just no New London radio station as the entire town is without power! But, he generously offered to help us if we need it.

I don't have any ETA on getting power back, but we can survive just fine.
Oh, another snow day for the kids from school - 3 this week.

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