Monday, February 22, 2010

What Could This Be?

This morning while the girls were having breakfast, I was standing behind the sink chatting with them. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark creature walking in the snow. At first, I thought it was a black cat, but I did a double take when I saw that it wasn't a cat! I called to the girls to look at it and ran for my camera.
I thought it was a mink, as it had a rich long pelt, but wasn't sure, so I researched it a bit.
Turns out, I was correct, this time!
It was a mink!
Here are two photos side by side...
Here are the photos up close!

Mink are mammals! They are part of the weasel family and are very common, though rarely seen here in NH. The live near streams, rivers or even lakes. They are aggressive creatures and are meat eaters! Egads!
They have an 8-10 year life span. They also have webbed clawed feet and range in size from 1.5 - 2.5 feet long from snout to tail. This one was particularly big and I would guess it was over 3 feet long. The males are larger than the females, so chances are this was a male.

Minks are carnivores that eat fish, mice, rats, muskrats, frogs, crayfish, ducks and eggs.
They are hunted by owls, wolves, coyotes and bobcats.
They are semi aquatic and can swim long distances.

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