Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Dance... A Success!

The hard work paid off!
The girls along with a handful of friends pulled off a successful dance for the high school.
They made over $1100 (far more than expected) in entrance fees and concessions.
Their friend Margie organized the concessions, asking COKE to donate sodas, which they did very generously. She asked the custodians to borrow the popcorn machine from the middle school, which created the smell of hot popcorn for sale from 7 - 10 pm and I donated some drinks and baked goods.
Ashley packed the car and transported the goods from home to the dance.
Allie worked painstakingly, acquiring music to play and shared her computer so that it could be sent to the speakers.
Ian, a Kearsarge Alumni, shared his sound system and donated his time to DJ the event.
The kids took times manning the concession stand and the entrance to collect admission fees.

They are tired, but thrilled!
There are even talks of doing another dance, but as happy as they are, no one is jumping at the chance. Now, they all know how much hard work goes into something like this!

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