Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Another Day

Fridays are my "catch up" day during the week. Unless something comes up at work, Friday is the day of the week where I catch up on my errands. I do the things that I couldn't get to during the week - or worse, the things I put off doing! So, Friday is spent mailing things, dropping off prescriptions, picking up groceries and the like.
Today, I went to the new Warner Pharmacy - run by Cindy Snay (formally Cindy Adie). She is a lovely person and was so grateful to have me as a customer! Talk about customer service. I felt good about doing my shopping there! Of course, it helps that she is a fan of my brother, also a pharmacist! She asked about him with the camaraderie as if the two were war buddies! It was very nice to hear good things about my brother, particularly since he is my favorite brother.
After I left the pharmacy, I went to Wingdoodle to take some pictures for my latest blogpost on their website.
I then walked in Warner doing some errands on the way back to the pharmacy, I saw this sign!

This is the banner that I had made for Jessie, our hairdresser. I had no idea that she would post the sign on Main Street. I felt like a celebrity! I almost stopped the person going into the Foothills Diner to tell them, "I drew & designed that sign!".
Luckily, it was rather cold out and I just wanted to go inside. But, I did stop to take a picture.

I then went about the rest of my mundane errands feeling fantastic!

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