Monday, March 08, 2010

Last Winter Recipe (hopefully)... Leather Aprons

Here is a seasonal treat made in New England known as Sugar-on-Snow or Leather Aprons. It has only two ingredients: freshly fallen snow & maple syrup!
You heat the maple syrup and then pour the hot syrup onto the cold snow. As you can see, the snow becomes a bed for the maple syrup, you don't really eat the snow. But, it does work to cool the candy like treat!

King Ridge Ski Area used to make these on special days and instead of gathering the snow, they would pour the hot syrup into fresh snowbanks!
Start out by taking a LARGE pot. Pour syrup in the pot.. there should be a ratio of 1 part syrup to at least 8 parts empty pot! The pot I used just barely worked. Instead it made a mess, even though it didn't overflow, it did spatter everywhere! So, next time, I will either use less syrup or a larger pot!
We waited a while for the syrup to reach 255 degrees.

When it was close to 255, Ashley prepared the snow. She basically made our own snowbanks!

Then, when the syrup is the proper temperature, drizzle the syrup onto the snow! You can make pretty designs...
or just drizzle it on...
The syrup cools very, very quickly once it touches the snow. Yum.
Smiles of approval!

Warning: The syrup is very hot, sticky and messy. Be careful and be prepared for a large clean up.

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