Saturday, March 27, 2010

Maple Event at Courser Farm

My friend from high school, Penny Courser sent me an invitation to the Courser Maple Event at their Syrup Shack in Warner. Penny & I were in the same grade and now I am coaching Sadie her cousin/niece.
So, Allie volunteered to go with me today to the Maple Event. We love maple syrup and unlike other parts of the country that use "Aunt Jemima" or "pancake syrup" we are fortunate to always have access to real maple syrup (and maple candy and maple sugar....)
So, today, Allie and I ventured out to Warner. It was a gorgeous day.
As we traveled down the road we passed many horse farms, but as we got closer, we found sap buckets on trees!
Turns out that these were Courser buckets! Little did we know, as we drove past the Shack twice, before I spotted Penny outside with her Dad.
Here is the quiet little humble maple shack, but what is inside is a gem! Unfortunately, when they planned the event, they did their best to guess when the sap would be running. The sap ended last week, so we didn't see any sap to syrup process, but we did get to see the furnace and actual syrup!
We were given a tour and best of all SAMPLES!!! Here is Jerry Courser, Penny's father giving us a small cup of this year's syrup. It was absolutely delicious. Liquid gold.
Then he showed up the maple furnace which is very, very old, and very ingenious.
The maple sap is fed through large tubing from the outside so that it is preheated and then directed through the furnace where it reaches the appropriate temperature - about a 45 minute cycle.
Here is the area where they load the wood into the furnace. Jerry told us that when the sap is being turned to syrup, you can't see the roof because the steam is so thick!

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