Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday.... And the Week Begins

Officially, it is the start of spring!
Today, up to 6 inches of rain is expected, students were warned about the school closing due to flooding and I can't wait for the end of the week and the 60 degree dry sunny weather!

We had our first all varsity tennis practice for the high school team. It went so well. At this point, we have moved away from just drills and onto match play. There is a real boost in abilities at this point and I love seeing how the girls improve so quickly at this point. They go from being timid and nervous about hitting the ball in the court to focused on keeping score. Because of that, they worry less about hitting the ball and take their game up to a stronger level!

We have our first match next week and I can't believe the season is already starting!

Dad & I planned the Easter menu and it looks like it should be a quiet 10 of us. Kind of nice to have a small group. I can't wait to see Dame, Laurie, Theo & Claudia and here more about M's wedding plans!

The girls and I went shopping for a prom dress for Allie. She found one and she looks breathtaking it in it! When she opened the door to the changing room, I was floored! My little baby is a young lady.
On a whim, while we were in the dress store, Ashley found a dress and asked if she could try it on. She looked fantastic! So, we killed 2 birds with one stone (or two dresses with one trip) and she found a dress for M's wedding!

Lots of work to do today. But, at least I have an excuse to wear my new rain boots!

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